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Ep 6: Cristina Irimie: A Nuclear-Powered Entity?

March 04, 2021 Bill Mair Season 1 Episode 6
PBLINK Stories
Ep 6: Cristina Irimie: A Nuclear-Powered Entity?
Show Notes

Twenty years ago, Cristina was a rising star. She had overcome obstacles through pure determination, and achieved an offer to study at Oxford University. But the obstacles kept coming as circumstances conspired to block her every step. 

Diversity and Diversification 

Determined that others should not suffer the setbacks that she encountered, she has built a diverse business empire with the common aim of offering pathways to success to Eastern and Central Europeans in the UK.

Among her other concerns, today Cristina runs:

  • Romani in UK Media Group, publishing Romȃni ȋn UK Newsletter, with over 50,000 subscribers 
  • Happy People Learning Centre, which specializes in providing health and safety training courses for Eastern European Construction tradesmen in the UK, the only centre in the UK approved to deliver the GQA CSCS Labourer Card 100% online.
  • HPL Recruitment, which places Eastern European people into construction work in the UK
  • A business delivering translations, advice and accountancy services for Romanians living in the UK